Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day with Jonnie Love - Don't Love Harriet!

"Don't Love Harriet!"
Charlton Comics
Teen-Age Love
Cover art by Luis Avila
Story art by Tony Tallarico
Number 67

I first ran into Jonnie Love in Teen-Age Love #82 in a story called Make Room in Your Heart ... For Me! I found a story about a bearded, seduction-song singing, wanderer whose internal dialogue seem to consist primary of worries about beard-related prejudice, beyond entertaining.

The more I have read of Jonnie Love, and as of today I have read a hell of a lot, the more entertaining I find him.

While he is definitely played up as a hippie-type he is also ALL ABOUT authority. It seems any chance this bearded rebel gets to run and tattle to the police or, even better, to someone's parent, the happier he is.

Despite the motorcycle, the vandyke, the shaggy hair (and believe me it gets really shaggy), the hip clothes and the fact that he is just passing through like some kind of vagabond, parents seem to instantly trust him.

Of course there is also almost always a girl who tries to use him and a guy who feels the need to run him down in a car.

In Don't Love Harriet! we once again witness another damn interuption in Jonnie Love's continual quest to make it home. This time a fishnet stocking wearing harpy tries to use Jonnie for her own selfish ends and get herself a lesson in LOVE.

Wow, is that the least sexy kiss ever?

Thank goodness Jonnie is a good guy, that kind of silver tongued singer-song writing ability could so easily be used for nefarious purposes.

Exactly how long is that Jonnie? At this rate you might not make it before Charlton closes its doors.


  1. Why is Johnny Love not on the cover? Talk about burying the lead! No wonder Charlton folded.

  2. "If we’d met differently, Harriet . . . If I weren’t the way I am . . I’d let myself fall completely in love with you . . . and I’d never leave you!"

    That’s a lot of “ifs” Jonnie. Christ, did ever a guy cover his ass quit so completely in so lame a declaration? I pulled that one myself once as a young buck, but the bright lass told me to f---- myself. Instead, the Lovester gets a dreamy-eyed gaze of trust and worship! No goddamn justice.

  3. Rob!: Yeah, Charlton really missed an opportunity there!

    Mykal: No justice indeed! Of course I suspect that you've had more than one woman tell you to go f---- yourself. But I'm sure if you didn't have at least one woman disappointed in you you'd probably feel that there was something terribly wrong.