Sunday, June 20, 2010

One part romance, two parts HORROR

"Richard" &
"I'll Never Let You Go!"
Charlton Comics
Haunted Love
Cover art by Frank Bolle
Number 2

Well I still haven't managed to shake the horror bug. I've tired, I swear, but it just isn't that easy. So, once again I am going to force my horror desires on you.

You can always click away to another site but I will know who you are and I will shame you until your dying day.

Of course, for many of you, I had planned to do that anyway.

First up we have another teaming up of Nicola Cuti, on script. and Joe Staton, art.

With a bit of a twist ending, that is also sort of sweet, please enjoy Richard.

I would like to think that Richard didn't give Terese enough credit. (I'm a bit of a romantic.) But I am sure that he was right to think her that shallow. (I'm also a bit of a realist.)

Next up I'll Never Let You Go!, with script by Joe Gill and some fantastic art by Frank Bolle. Within the pages of this story you see all the influence of that early seventies Edwardian revival which gives us some really great textures and splended clothing in those bedroom scenes. But don't worry, there are still plenty of mini skirts and turtlenecks.

You know, I think I might have dated that guy.


  1. Why is Sonny Bono haunting that nice couple in story two?

  2. Rob!: I have been wondering the same thing.