Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day with Jonnie Love

I know if may seem odd for a blog called As Told to Stan Lee to obsess over, of all things, a reoccurring Charlton Comics character. But hey, sometimes things take on a life of their own.

Well today I received my newly ordered, highly coveted, 12 Charlton issues featuring Jonnie Love, seven of which have a Jonnie Love cover. *swoon*

Now I know what you are thinking - "Wow! You are quite possibly the perfect woman, do you perchance have a sister?". I do, but she hates comic books. Now, if you don't mind, back to the subject at hand.

Well in my excitement I concluded that I had three options. First, posting all twelve, in their entirety, this very evening. Too much work and over WAY too quickly. Second, soaking in a bubble bath while drinking heavily and reading these newly acquired treasures. Dangerous combination AND terribly bad for the comics. Or, lastly, I could just pace myself and post one issue each week for twelve glorious weeks.

This last option has won out, so welcome to the first ...


(Charlton Comics' Teen Confessions #55 - Mini Poster)

Wow, those are some tight pants Jonnie Love!


  1. "Tight Pants Johnnie Love" has a real ring to it. In fact, "Hump Day with Tight Pants Johnnie Love" sounds like the best porn movie ever made.

    (Charlton was a pretty shady outfit; can we be sure they didn't dabble in some good-old Connecticut-based porn?)

  2. SpecterGirl: Admit it, you did options 2 and3! I think it might be time for a Jonnie Love group intervention. It's disturbing to see even one so cynical and sarcastic fall to the charms of this bearded carnivore.

    Looking forward to more of the L-man, though.

  3. I'm very much looking forward to this. Thanks.

    Rip Off

  4. Someone needs to start a Johnnie Love fashion line..I always dig what that cat's wearing

  5. Rob!: I'm thinking there can be little, if any, doubt the Charlton had their paws into some adult oriented side line. I'm thinking funds a comic company would have normally invested in printing was instead used for developing 8mm film.

    And most certainly Jonnie Love was based on their most charismatic and popular actor.

    Mykal: How could you have possibly ... um ... oh, I'm sorry, I was thinking of something else.

    Actually it is going to be terribly hard to wait to post these only on Wednesdays. God they are hysterical. I can not thank you enough!

    Rip: I assure you Jonnie Love always pays off!

    TomG: That is a sign of your superior taste I am sure!

  6. Those boots... :)

    Looking forward to 12 weeks of Jonnie!!!