Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day with Jonnie Love - Don't Love Harriet!

"Don't Love Harriet!"
Charlton Comics
Teen-Age Love
Cover art by Luis Avila
Story art by Tony Tallarico
Number 67

I first ran into Jonnie Love in Teen-Age Love #82 in a story called Make Room in Your Heart ... For Me! I found a story about a bearded, seduction-song singing, wanderer whose internal dialogue seem to consist primary of worries about beard-related prejudice, beyond entertaining.

The more I have read of Jonnie Love, and as of today I have read a hell of a lot, the more entertaining I find him.

While he is definitely played up as a hippie-type he is also ALL ABOUT authority. It seems any chance this bearded rebel gets to run and tattle to the police or, even better, to someone's parent, the happier he is.

Despite the motorcycle, the vandyke, the shaggy hair (and believe me it gets really shaggy), the hip clothes and the fact that he is just passing through like some kind of vagabond, parents seem to instantly trust him.

Of course there is also almost always a girl who tries to use him and a guy who feels the need to run him down in a car.

In Don't Love Harriet! we once again witness another damn interuption in Jonnie Love's continual quest to make it home. This time a fishnet stocking wearing harpy tries to use Jonnie for her own selfish ends and get herself a lesson in LOVE.

Wow, is that the least sexy kiss ever?

Thank goodness Jonnie is a good guy, that kind of silver tongued singer-song writing ability could so easily be used for nefarious purposes.

Exactly how long is that Jonnie? At this rate you might not make it before Charlton closes its doors.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day with Jonnie Love - The Enchanter

"The Enchanter"
Charlton Comics
Teen-Age Love
Cover art by Charles Nicholas and DiDendetto
Story art by Bill Fraccio
Number 66

Welcome to a second installment of Hump Day with Jonnie Love! A day dedicated to everyone's favorite well-intentioned youth or middle -aged sexual deviant? You decide.

Well today's story, once again, has everything we have come to expect from the Jonnie Love mythos. We have hot chicks, a need for a gas can, fisticuffs, young girls oddly aroused by fisticuffs, trusting parents and a delicious meal.

In The Enchanter we meet up with Jonnie after a mishap involving exhaustion and an empty railroad car. A railroad car that has taken him unaware and spit him out onto the beautiful sandy beaches of sunny Florida.

Can a state blessed by God himself for use by only the richest among us accept a man like Jonnie Love? Our Jonnie Love? A drop-out? A rebel? You'll have to wait and see.

Jonnie Love, as always, is trying to make he way home. As it has always been, Jonnie survives on the charity of others. More often than not, charity comes in the form of a well-turnedout blonde with short-shorts and a tight top.

Today is no different.

Jonnie, who can never say no to a lady, agrees and it is only a matter of time before his underage blonde detector helps him to saves the day.

Nice ass Jonnie Love!

Like all woman, Tessa and her mother finds it easy to tell Jonnie about their own personal business. And this little bit of information has Jonnie Love getting involved.

Getting involved is always a painful proposition for Jonnie Love. In this case resulting in having his ass kicked by a dude in a Nazi helmet, while being watched by a dude in a turban.

And not for the first time, Jonnie Love finds himself held captive in the trunk of a car. The truck of a car in the blazing hell like temperatures of freakin' Florida.

Jonnie tells Tessa that her Guru is a fraud and is after her parent's money. Unexpectedly, this brain-washed youth believes him right away. Maybe it's his devil beard.

After enjoying watching Jonnie kicking ass, enjoying it maybe a little too much, Jonnie and Tessa come up with a plan.

A plan that involves Jonnie Love kicking even more ass and saving the day.

Of course, in their gratitude, the Blair's offer Jonnie Love their oldest daughter.

Patience little sister, your time will come.

Oh Jonnie Love, our thoughts are with you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One part romance, two parts HORROR

"Richard" &
"I'll Never Let You Go!"
Charlton Comics
Haunted Love
Cover art by Frank Bolle
Number 2

Well I still haven't managed to shake the horror bug. I've tired, I swear, but it just isn't that easy. So, once again I am going to force my horror desires on you.

You can always click away to another site but I will know who you are and I will shame you until your dying day.

Of course, for many of you, I had planned to do that anyway.

First up we have another teaming up of Nicola Cuti, on script. and Joe Staton, art.

With a bit of a twist ending, that is also sort of sweet, please enjoy Richard.

I would like to think that Richard didn't give Terese enough credit. (I'm a bit of a romantic.) But I am sure that he was right to think her that shallow. (I'm also a bit of a realist.)

Next up I'll Never Let You Go!, with script by Joe Gill and some fantastic art by Frank Bolle. Within the pages of this story you see all the influence of that early seventies Edwardian revival which gives us some really great textures and splended clothing in those bedroom scenes. But don't worry, there are still plenty of mini skirts and turtlenecks.

You know, I think I might have dated that guy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day with Jonnie Love

I know if may seem odd for a blog called As Told to Stan Lee to obsess over, of all things, a reoccurring Charlton Comics character. But hey, sometimes things take on a life of their own.

Well today I received my newly ordered, highly coveted, 12 Charlton issues featuring Jonnie Love, seven of which have a Jonnie Love cover. *swoon*

Now I know what you are thinking - "Wow! You are quite possibly the perfect woman, do you perchance have a sister?". I do, but she hates comic books. Now, if you don't mind, back to the subject at hand.

Well in my excitement I concluded that I had three options. First, posting all twelve, in their entirety, this very evening. Too much work and over WAY too quickly. Second, soaking in a bubble bath while drinking heavily and reading these newly acquired treasures. Dangerous combination AND terribly bad for the comics. Or, lastly, I could just pace myself and post one issue each week for twelve glorious weeks.

This last option has won out, so welcome to the first ...


(Charlton Comics' Teen Confessions #55 - Mini Poster)

Wow, those are some tight pants Jonnie Love!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Horror, Romance and Pornography - Something for Everyone!

"Eternal Teacher" &
"A Kiss to Save Him from the Grave!"
Charlton Comics
Haunted Love
Cover art by Tom Sutton
Number 1

Obviously I love romance comics. I also love horror. Especially bad horror. For me horror either needs to be really good or so bad that it's good. None of this mediocre garbage or worse yet, stuff so bad that it is ACTUALLY bad. That is just a tragic waste of potential.

At times horror has made me hesitant to turn out the lights, afraid to look in the mirror, startled by any unexplained noise in the night, but worst of all, horror has made me watch porn.

I'm not saying that I was watching a horror film that turned out to be porn, no. Just that, after watching a really badly acted horror film, my senses were dulled enough that when flipping to find something to watch the following evening I didn't recognize the clear "I'm Porn!" indicators in the next badly acted film. That is, until it was TOO late. (I should have known that a man running for government office wouldn't be so ripped.)

And I should know my porn. Many years ago I worked customer service for a cable company and any time some nineteen year old was too cheap to pay for his evening entertainment he'd call me to say that his pay-per-view picture quality was bad and he didn't want charged for his selection. He would inevitably be embarrassed as I put him on hold to check the channel on my end only to come back to explain that A) it was sun spots and he would be credited (very rare) or B) that that IS what it looks like when you film a porno in the back room of a Taco Bell with a camera phone (less rare).

Anyway, my whole point is, before I got off track, that I love romance comics and horror, so could there be any greater combination? I didn't think so either.

I would normally prefer to hold off my horror romance until October but I am just in the mood, so today I bring you Haunted Love #1.

First we have Eternal Teacher, script by Nicola Cuti with art by Joe Staton.

Next up we have A Kiss to Save Him From the Grave with no information on the writer but with art credit going to Tom Sutton.

Now wasn't that fun?