Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day with Jonnie Love - The Enchanter

"The Enchanter"
Charlton Comics
Teen-Age Love
Cover art by Charles Nicholas and DiDendetto
Story art by Bill Fraccio
Number 66

Welcome to a second installment of Hump Day with Jonnie Love! A day dedicated to everyone's favorite well-intentioned youth or middle -aged sexual deviant? You decide.

Well today's story, once again, has everything we have come to expect from the Jonnie Love mythos. We have hot chicks, a need for a gas can, fisticuffs, young girls oddly aroused by fisticuffs, trusting parents and a delicious meal.

In The Enchanter we meet up with Jonnie after a mishap involving exhaustion and an empty railroad car. A railroad car that has taken him unaware and spit him out onto the beautiful sandy beaches of sunny Florida.

Can a state blessed by God himself for use by only the richest among us accept a man like Jonnie Love? Our Jonnie Love? A drop-out? A rebel? You'll have to wait and see.

Jonnie Love, as always, is trying to make he way home. As it has always been, Jonnie survives on the charity of others. More often than not, charity comes in the form of a well-turnedout blonde with short-shorts and a tight top.

Today is no different.

Jonnie, who can never say no to a lady, agrees and it is only a matter of time before his underage blonde detector helps him to saves the day.

Nice ass Jonnie Love!

Like all woman, Tessa and her mother finds it easy to tell Jonnie about their own personal business. And this little bit of information has Jonnie Love getting involved.

Getting involved is always a painful proposition for Jonnie Love. In this case resulting in having his ass kicked by a dude in a Nazi helmet, while being watched by a dude in a turban.

And not for the first time, Jonnie Love finds himself held captive in the trunk of a car. The truck of a car in the blazing hell like temperatures of freakin' Florida.

Jonnie tells Tessa that her Guru is a fraud and is after her parent's money. Unexpectedly, this brain-washed youth believes him right away. Maybe it's his devil beard.

After enjoying watching Jonnie kicking ass, enjoying it maybe a little too much, Jonnie and Tessa come up with a plan.

A plan that involves Jonnie Love kicking even more ass and saving the day.

Of course, in their gratitude, the Blair's offer Jonnie Love their oldest daughter.

Patience little sister, your time will come.

Oh Jonnie Love, our thoughts are with you.


  1. The look on Tessa's face when Johnnie punches that guy is really creepy. She likes it rough!

  2. Oh Hell Yes. Nazi thugs, Hindu mystics, a brainwashed blonde in a sweater with an apple ass - we are talking prime Jonnie Love country! I only hope a "one-eyed wheel" refers to a motorcycle.

    Oh, and of course, Jonnie has a bloodthirsty girl eggging him on with a rather over-excited "Wonderful, Jonnie Love!" By the look on her face, she's done this all before and like it a little more every time. -- Mykal

  3. Rob: I think Jonnie must attracts that kind of girl. Reading through the stories I just picked up, there is almost always some chick really really into watching Jonnie Love beat someone's ass.

  4. Spectergirl said...

    Mykal: I think we both know that "one-eyed wheel" has nothing what-so-ever to do with motorcycles.

    I am trying to post all the Jonnie Love stories in order of publication so I am thinking this one was a good start but I swear they just get SO MUCH BETTER! This one is from 1969 and by 1974 Jonnie Love visually is almost unrecognizable so you'll need to pick him out by the young girls at his side praising his territorial pissings.