Friday, June 11, 2010

Horror, Romance and Pornography - Something for Everyone!

"Eternal Teacher" &
"A Kiss to Save Him from the Grave!"
Charlton Comics
Haunted Love
Cover art by Tom Sutton
Number 1

Obviously I love romance comics. I also love horror. Especially bad horror. For me horror either needs to be really good or so bad that it's good. None of this mediocre garbage or worse yet, stuff so bad that it is ACTUALLY bad. That is just a tragic waste of potential.

At times horror has made me hesitant to turn out the lights, afraid to look in the mirror, startled by any unexplained noise in the night, but worst of all, horror has made me watch porn.

I'm not saying that I was watching a horror film that turned out to be porn, no. Just that, after watching a really badly acted horror film, my senses were dulled enough that when flipping to find something to watch the following evening I didn't recognize the clear "I'm Porn!" indicators in the next badly acted film. That is, until it was TOO late. (I should have known that a man running for government office wouldn't be so ripped.)

And I should know my porn. Many years ago I worked customer service for a cable company and any time some nineteen year old was too cheap to pay for his evening entertainment he'd call me to say that his pay-per-view picture quality was bad and he didn't want charged for his selection. He would inevitably be embarrassed as I put him on hold to check the channel on my end only to come back to explain that A) it was sun spots and he would be credited (very rare) or B) that that IS what it looks like when you film a porno in the back room of a Taco Bell with a camera phone (less rare).

Anyway, my whole point is, before I got off track, that I love romance comics and horror, so could there be any greater combination? I didn't think so either.

I would normally prefer to hold off my horror romance until October but I am just in the mood, so today I bring you Haunted Love #1.

First we have Eternal Teacher, script by Nicola Cuti with art by Joe Staton.

Next up we have A Kiss to Save Him From the Grave with no information on the writer but with art credit going to Tom Sutton.

Now wasn't that fun?


  1. SpecterGirl: You beat me to the punch by one post. I was going to do up that Sutton story (from Beyond the Grave No. 14, 1984) in my very next Charlton post. I curse you. Pause for effect. OK, curse is over.

    Man, is that some beautiful Sutton art. Great post!

  2. Mykal: Sorry about that. Jacque beat me to Skagg! and KB beat me to Sinister House of Secret Love No. 4 and a couple of others during his WRFH phase.

    But you do have the advantage that no one actually reads my blog so I doubt anyone would notice!

    Yes, I love the art on that one! It is really quite impressive.

    Hope you take the time to check out the killer art I just posted on Woman Running. I think it will change the way you feel about Bigfoot Erotica.

  3. SpecterGirl: I have some fairly strong feelings about Bigfoot Erotica! I'll dash right over!

  4. Hey, folks are reading your blog! quit your crying ;-). I found some Sutton of my own, so there!

  5. Wow, Nick Cuti, Joe Staton, and Tom Sutton all in the same issue? What more could you possibly want for two measly dimes?!?

  6. My favorite thing is that she wears her nurse's uniform -- after marrying Dr. Sutton and inheriting the house -- while walking around on her balcony.

  7. Rob!: I've been wanting to post my Haunted Loves for a long time. And this issue was full of great stuff. Of course the fact that I beat Mykal Banta to the punch makes it ALL that much sweeter!

    Ray: I have a feeling that Doctor Wayne prefers it that way.

  8. Staton, Sutton, and a private nurse - am I dreaming?? This is a great issue from a terrific series. Oh why oh why did Charlton have to die!!!!!??