Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jonnie Love lives the dream.

"The Face of Love!"
Charlton Comics
Teen Age Love
Art by Eccio
Number 96

There is not doubt that if there is a favorite here at As Told to Stan Lee it is none other than Charlton Comics' Jonnie Love.

Woman love you, men want to be him. Comic writers want to write about him, illustrators want to draw him. Comic covers long for his gentle caress.

Well, don't worry, there always seems to be enough of Jonnie Love to go round, as you'll see in today feature "The Face of Love!!"

Here, in this little nine page story you'll learn why Jonnie Love is known as the man who is always there when you need him. And, though he doesn't remember asking, is more than happy to take a little of what you're offering.

Please note: Jonnie Love just scored with both a mother and daughter. Most men would be texting their friends about now. Jonnie? He just drove away.


  1. Spectergirl: I can't help but notice that once the fists begin to fly and Jonnie's lethal dukes go to work, there's always a fox or two urging Jonnie onward. "Beautiful, Jonnie!" squeals "mom" as or hero kicks the living shit out of another who dared question his dominance. Does no but me see that Mr. Love is a psychopath? Sure, after scoring with both mom and daughter, he just rides away; completely unemotional about the ruined lives he leaves in his wake. The psychological textbooks call that "flat affect" and it's a sure sign of an amoral personality type.

    Lord, it's hard to watch this bearded monster peddling his seductive, poisonous charm from town to town, seeing scores of innocent girls ushered cruely into womanhood too soon by the honeyed phrases of his forked tongue.

    That blond daughter was super hot.

  2. I can't be certain, but it seems that the Jonnie Love stories had different artists. I only have a handful of them...

  3. Mykal: We seem to both come at this from two different angles. I say Jonnie Love is the sexiest man to ever grace the cover of a comic book. You say he is a emotionally detached psychopath. BUT maybe there is a third option that neither of us have considered.

    Perhaps he is actually a demonic manifestation of hatred.

    Before you shake your head consider a few things:

    1. He always appears when their is a woman in a situation where she feels BOTH angry and powerless.
    2. He disappears once revenge has been dealt.
    3. After he drives off he is sure to run out of gas until the next woman in need appears, thus strengthening my argument that he is wholly powered by feelings of hate and anger. Once the anger is spent, his cool ride stalls and comes coasting to a stop to await his next call to duty.

    Like some sort of Tibetan Tupla (of the Id monsters for Forbidden Planet) Jonnie love is not evil in his own right but a reflection of women’s own frustration with their place in society.

    Of course, as the Woman’s Lib movement gets into full-swing, and woman around the country start to feel empowered, Jonnie Love fads from existence.

    Seems like a few too many coincidences to me.

    My current goal is to score me Teen-Age Love #95, which features a Jonnie Love cover story called “Mexican Madness!”. All kinds of crazy shit is legal south of the border!

  4. Spectergirl: Fascinating theory and one well worth investigating. I am sure when Jonnie is liberated by the relaxed sexual atmosphere of sunny Mexico, more will be revealed. You must find Teen-Age Love #95 for all our sakes.

  5. Jacque: I know that the few that I have all feature different artists. The art in this one is so erratic that it almost looks like it couldn't possibly be the work of one person, but apparently so.

  6. The waiter in the middle panel of page 6 is highly disturbing, and its not just the pink jacket.

  7. Rob!: The waiter will thank you to stop staring at his unfortunate birth mark.