Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Hope that 2010 treated you well. But, no matter how great a year was, there is always room for a little improvement.

Yes, it is time for everyone's New Year resolutions. For me, mine consists primarily of trying to make more blogging time and, at the same time, getting my pregnant ass back into the gym. I have to exercise for two you know!

So what are yours?

For those that are needing a little inspiration, As Told To Stan Lee thought we would bring you some possible ideas of how to make 2011 your best year yet!

(Brides In Love, Vol 1, Number 19 - Charlton 1960)

Perhaps 2011 is the year to put an end to your wild days of being a single!

(Falling In Love, Number 117 - DC 1970)

Or maybe it is just time to dump that special person in your life.

(For Lovers Only, Number 66 - Charlton 1972)

Maybe you want to work on improving your pick-up lines.

(Heart Throbs, Number 121 - DC 1969)

Of course, there could be that little detail you might finally want to mention to the police.

(For Lovers Only, Number 70 - Charlton 1973)

Perhaps you want to spice it up by stealing a man from one of your girlfriends OR maybe you resolve to stop doing that sort of thing so much.

(1st Issue Special, Number 4 - Lady Cop - 1975)

But, if nothing else, maybe you could just settle on learning to take a punch.

Hope this helps in your quest for the perfect New Year's resolution and hope you have a great New Year!