Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Statistically speaking flying is still the safest way to travel.

"No Other Women For Miles"
Charlton Comics
Pencil/Ink by: Art Cappello

Romantic Story
Number 125

I know what you are thinking. You have been burned too many times before. Surely, surely this story could not be as awesome as this cover would lead you to believe.

But oh yes it is! Yes! Finally a fabulous comic book cover that is lame in comparison to the complete awesomeness inside. So let's not delay any longer.

What would you do if you found yourself stranded after the private plane you were flying in crashed? How
would you spend those days as you waited to be rescue? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

In "No Other Women For Miles" June Walton is a secretary for the Big 'Z' Corporation. One of several secretaries to the "Genius" behind the company's success.

But Perry McKay knew exactly who she was and he told her breasts as much. Heck, I would have problems not addressing that chest.

But in the whirlwind that IS big business, June is swept way on an impromptu business trip to New York City.

But the unthinkable happens.

In the crash June and Perry come out without a scratch, but the pilot's leg is broken. What a lucky break for our would be lovers! (pun intended) Now they have all the time in the world to wander off together without that stick-in-the-mud Jennings cramping their style. And wandering off is far preferable to listening to Jennings crying "the pain is too much" and "oh God, I can't feel my leg anymore."

So again, we come to our earlier questions. What would you do if you survived a plane crash? How would you spend your days as you waited to be rescue?

Would it include anything like ... long walks?

Skinny dipping?

How about heavy petting?

Of course, leave it to Jennings to try and ruin everyone else's good time.

I'd have a good mind not to answer those pleading cries for help. Of course then our story wouldn't get even greater.

Greater you ask? Yes with a BEAR ATTACK!

Could this be the same bear from "Non' but a Brave" still bitter at having missed his chance to eat two hamburgers and a milkshake, if only secondhand? Well, the same bear or not, we have to assume that bears are to Charlton what buggery is to Vertigo.

But we Charlton readers are here for the romance, so, despite all of Jennings' drama, we still get our happy ending.


If only more marriage proposals could be so groovy.


  1. Wow! I can't wait for my next plane crash in an isolated area! Plane crashes have been given such a bad name, what with stories of starvation, cannibalism, and death by exposure.

    Great post, SpecterGirl, loved the panel with the dialogue between the mogul and the breast. Classic! I, too, would have no problem address that rack directly. -- Mykal

    PS: I hate to say it (the Charlton haters don't need any encouragment), but that was some pretty crappy artwork on that panel with the two soon to be lovers, holding hands and walking to kill time after the place crash.

  2. SpecterGirl: I forgot to mention the Susan Dey poster offered on the cover! Man, what a crush I had on her. That overbite drove me crazy! I probably had to be there. -- Mykal

  3. Between the two of us Spectergirl, I am guessing we may have at least one Charlton featuring a bear riding on a yacht.

    Crappy art aside, Mykal -- that silhouette panel really is quite good!

  4. Mykal: Yeah, it's like for that panel they didn't even try. Maybe they were too excited about getting to the swimming panel. But I'm not sure why they need a swimming scene when June Walton fills out a sweater so, so well.

    Oh, and you're in luck, I have been pulling aside all my Partridge Family pin-ups (of which there are many) and plan to post all of them in the near future.

    Jacque: LOL ... I sure hope so. In case we don't I have commission Aaron to put me together a Charlton cover featuring a bear AND a yacht. His thumbnail sketch is fabulous! I'll post the finished piece soon.

  5. YES!!! Bears and yachts are like peeps and microwaves! They just go together!