Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In a world that offers up men like Jonnie Love can there ever be any true justice?

Sometimes, to make it through another Godforsaken day, we have to believe that those Jonnie Love's out there will one day pay the price for their loathsome ways. That there will be, at least a little, retribution for the women left behind to pick up their shattered lives, and wash the dishes of their regret.

Jonnie Love needed to pay for his crimes against humanity. And, in some small way he did pay. After more than thirty appearances in a handful of Charlton titles, Jonnie Love finally, dare I say, got his comeuppance.

But, I can only assume that the judge was a woman. A woman not immune to his bearded charms. Why do I think this? Because of one thing, Jonnie Love, despite the trail of shattered lives he left in his wake, received the lightest sentence possible. Community Service.

(published in Charlton Comics Career Girl Romances #48)

Damn you Jonnie Love, you irresistible bastard. We are all more in touch with our feminine desires for having known you.


  1. SpecterGirl: I'd ask what a grown, heavily bearded man like the Lovester is doing hanging around a "teen center," but I think we all know. If the authorities have sent the nefarious Mr. Love to preach morals to underage blondes on the verge of drug experimentation, they have sent a slavering wolf into the henhouse.

    Plus, I'm not sure I care for Love's attitude with that finger in my face. Back off, Van Gogh!

    Is this the end of Jonnie L♥ve? -- Mykal

  2. Mykal: I don't think you are giving the Nassau County justice system enough credit. Take a closer look at Jonnie Love. His shadow smudged eyes, the gaunt cheeks, the pupils as big as dinner plates. This is a man on some major mood controlling substance.

    Some medication cocktail to keep his his legionary libido in check. You cage the tiger, you control the beast.

    Sadly, for now, this is the end of Jonnie’s story for me. Which is quite tragic as I have grown extremely fond of this bearded bad boy. *sigh* At least until I am lucky enough to stumble across more of his tale at some dusty old comic shop.

    PS: Don’t you feel like that blond chick’s flower must spray water or something?

  3. SpecterGirl: You may have a point regarding Jonnie's medication-induced reform. He does seem unlike himself! Where is the predatory, lighted gaze that melts the ladies? He is actually frowning! Good eye, SpecterGirl!

    I see, however, that even a cool, collected moderator such as yourself, while knowing the loveinator’s essentially evil nature, is still not immune to his black-bearded charms. Prove positive that one can intellectually understand the power of The Beard, yet still find it irresistible. And, yes, there is something oddly 3-deminsional about that flower on hippy-girl's blouse. -- Mykal

  4. Johnnie looks a bit like Anton LeVey. Coincidence?

  5. Rob!: I think there can be no doubt that these are men cut from the same cloth.