Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh NOW you want men to think you're hot?

"See Yourself As He Sees You"
Young Romance
Number 207

Okay, I certainly don't want Woman's History Month to go by COMPLETELY without any notice here on As Told to Stan Lee. But while you were all out burning your bra, some of us were wearing push-ups and learning how to steal your boyfriends.

But now that you have all THAT out of your system, please know that it is not too late even for you.

Thanks to the very diligent men of the DC Young Romance team, you too can learn the tricks of the trade. In just a few easy steps (and in two short pages) "See Yourself As He Sees You" can finally give you the keys to being the woman HE wants you to be.


  1. SpecterGirl: Every single young woman on the face of the earth should be required to read this; even if it takes an international order from the United Nations.

    And girls, for heaven's sakes take a lesson from the young lady in the next-to-last panel of last page and keep those breasts pert when you’re not fidgeting.

    And SpecterGirl – any girl who saw the women’s lib movement as a prime opportunity for snatching some disillusioned boyfriends is OK in my book. – Mykal
    -- Mykal

  2. I love the "show enthusiasm" panel. "Is she alive?" Hahaha! Classic! Did they ever stop to think that maybe she had just taken in a few magic brownies?

  3. "Magic Brownies"? Didn't those win some sort of recipe contest in a romance comic?

  4. Mykal: I think I'm getting a clearer picture of your "Police State" political agenda. While I don't think you could ever get elected to congress running on a "See Yourself As He Sees You" platform or a campaign of making all women forced daily into a 46 year old exercise regiment, I do think if you also added an "all men should have to start wearing suits again" bill you might increase the likely hood the I would vote for you. (But no promises.)

  5. Jacque: Isn't this both obnoxious AND hysterical all at the same time? I want to see a "See Yourself As She Sees You".

    And yes, "special" brownies would have been my first guest too. And I have never know any man that would be all that turned off by a woman on anything that might impair her good judgement.