Monday, March 1, 2010

If the David Cassidy pin-up hadn't already sold me, this would have.

Clearly if you're reading romance comics you must be some sort of man-crazy spinster. So here is an activity pages just for you!

Oh, and before you are too hard on any of our lovely ladies, please realize that "Handsome" Harvey is no prize himself.

(Charlton Comics, Time for Love#26)


  1. Hysterical! Trust Charlton to come up with a quick and cheap 1 page filler! I love your comments!

  2. SpecterGirl: My money is on the heavyset young blond on the far right - the one in the dark green dress. She has the look of a warrior. This feature is funny, but also very nicely drawn. I like the smooth brushwork on the hunk, with his heavily cleft chin. -- Mykal

  3. KB: Yes, this really made me laugh. I'll have to keep an eye out and see if I run across anything else along these lines. I didn't even remember having this.

    Mykal: While I agree with she might have "the look of a warrior" she also looks to have the stumbling steps of toddler. (Which is only emphasized by the Shirley Temple dress.) I'm going with the Beverly Hillbillies Blond on the left. I suspect that even if someone else does beat her to him, she'd be willing to fight dirty.