Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She may be blind, but I can't see what they're getting at.

A New Kind of Love
DC Comics
Secret Hearts
Number 89

Well here is an extremely odd little story from DC's Secret Hearts. In A New Kind of Love we meet Patty Wiley, a woman who seem to get more and more unattractive as the story progresses. By page seven she is down right frightening.

But I guess unrequited love would have to be hard on a girl.

Oh, and if you "get" this story, can you please explain it to me?


  1. This story summed up in one word? "Swingers"

  2. I can understand where Tom might feel reluctant to abandon his blind wife, unable to get a divorce, what have you. He might naturally feel like he was deserting someone that really needed him in very practical ways. What is difficult to grasp is how her blindness changes all the normal rules of desire and passion. Suddenly Patty is completely OK with just being friends? Because Grace has the cane and sunglasses? I'm not quite getting that. Perhaps Lonewolf is right. Maybe it's all code for some sort of swinging lifestyle. "Morning, Patty," says Tom. "Shall we give it a whirl?" Hmmm. -- Mykal

  3. The story is insipid, but I like the John Romita cover.

  4. Dan: I also really like that cover. Far, far better than anything on the inside.

    Lonewolf: "Swingers" would maybe explain that last panel.

    Mykal: Yeah, Patty's complete turn-around is what I just don't get. Maybe that odd greeting from the blind wife is really just a nicely veiled way of staying "What I can't see, won't hurt me."