Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask Spectergirl!

After many years of reading comics I have figured one thing out - you don't need some fancy degree to hand out relationship advice as long as you have a spiffy banner with your picture on it.

With the help of my husband Aaron (Silver Age Gold), who was kind enough to turn me into a nice little illustration, I have just that.

So here I go, handing out the advice that should have been given years ago. Too little, too late.

(originally answered incorrectly in Charlton All New Secret Romances # 45)

Dear Needs Help,

Buck is a tool. And "Peter" is what we call a pedophile. Wait until you are at least 22 and then date someone from College. And then, if years down the road you ever have yourself a daughter, be sure to tell her about pedophiles so that a comic book advice column (or DC Vertigo) doesn't have to break the news to her.


  1. You should start a real advice column on here. Crom knows I cold use some...

  2. Dating Rule Number One: Never use your date as a human-shield, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. :)

  3. Cool post concept, SpecterGirl! Tell Aaron that's a nice illustration. -- Mykal

  4. Hey, women and children first works both ways.

  5. Mykal: Thanks! I thought it might fun. And Aaron will be happy you liked is illustration. I should probably worry that he always draws me smirking. I am also using one of his pen and ink illustrated of me for my avatar.