Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fitness for the modern woman - It fits in your purse!

Exercise to a New Figure
Dell Purse Books

To celebrate the fact that I finally made it into the gym this morning after a couple weeks of schedule conflicts, snow emergencies and, to be honest, my fair share of "Good Lord, it's too early to get up!" I have decided to post this little gem.

I found it while painting my mother's bedroom a few months ago. Apparently she had picked it up when she was 12 and felt the need to "remake" her body. We all know how once you hit 9 it's all down hill.

With 64 pages of life changing instruction, you received photo illustrated exercise for nearly every part of your body, a measurement chart to track your progress for 4 whole months and instructions of how to make your own exercise mat. (And to think, I wasted money buying my yoga mat at Meijer.)

As a bonus, you also received instruction on how to incorporate exercise into any lifestyle. Be it that of a Student, Working Girl or a Homemaker.

So, it's time to keep your New Year's
resolution and make a change for the better!

See, just one more reason to start bottling in glass again.

I dig the rolling pin.

After 4 months of this, how could a boy NOT love you?


  1. Spectergirl: A Dell purse book. Nothing I have ever seen blogged makes me wish more for my youth than this post for reasons I can barely fathom. Perhaps it is the bold innocence of the "homemaker" section. God forgive me, I miss homemakers. Lori Petri from the Dick Van Dyke show was a homemaker. She also worked out in black leotards like this charming model. It may require an immediate act of congress, but every woman in the world should be required, by law, to undergo this regime every single day of her life between the ages of 15 to 55. No exceptions.

    Also, I love that cover girl simply because she can place the palms of her hands on the floor without bending her knees. -- Mykal

  2. LOL, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I personally live in a constant state of nostalgia for things I didn't actually live through.

    If my boy 2 boys (4 & 1 yrs) grow-up thinking Zorro and the original Star Trek were popular show from their youth, I will feel like I've done my job.

    And the palms on the floor thing is pretty impressive.