Sunday, February 14, 2010

I guess there IS something sadder than being alone.

Love Hungry
DC Comics
Pencils/Inks By: Art Saaf
Young Love
Number 120

Reading romance comics would lead you to believe that there is nothing worse than being without a man. There are the happy endings where our character finds true love and is expected to live happily ever after. Then there are the stories that due to some character flaw, the girl in question ends up alone but with the hope that having learned from her shallow, short sited or selfish behavior, she has become a better person, therefore deserving more than ever, the love of a man.

But in Love Hungry! we learn that there is at least one thing sadder than being alone. And that is being alone wearing lingerie.

But maybe we should give our lonely nameless lass (yep, her name is never given) the benefit of the doubt, maybe she is just prepared in case she does bump into Mr. Right.

No, I think she is kind of crazy.

But there is one thing I strongly believe, it is easier to find a boyfriend if you have some sort of interest outside of just finding a boyfriend. Lonely here's hobby appears to be spying on people who have someone special.

Luckily for all of us she never has a chance to peek into any windows. Her other hobby seems to be having erotic dreams about some pretend dream person.

Until one night even her made up dream person seems to thinks that she's too pathetic. (is that mean?)

Devastated by the thought of loneliness both during her waking and sleeping hours the "flight" instinct kicks in.

Until she finds herself where so many woman have had their dreams come true. Down by the docks when the fleet comes in.

But can a lonely girl without a name meet the man of her dreams while dressed kind of like a hooker?

Yes, yes she can. Thank goodness she invested so wisely in that lingerie collection.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Spectergirl! Very funny post! It is interesting that little tid bit about her parents having died was thrown in there. Perhaps that is the true reason for her loneliness? The lingerie is just to cover it up!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Yes the mention of her parents seemed really oddly placed. Perhaps the lingerie in question was ACTUALLY left to her by her mother. What we really need is a prequel to this story. And why does Philip get a name and Lonely Girl doesn't?

  3. Wow - so many changes of clothes in one story! And I think there needs to be a 'lingerie panels' entry in bold in the Overstreet guide for this one. I have this comic in my collection but had only focused on the 'older woman' cover story (don't you think that woman on the cover is beautifully drawn?), so I'm glad you directed me back to the book for this other interesting piece. I think I'd agree with Jacque that there's the idea of her dealing with loss underlying this story. In her dreams it seems the fear of losing someone close is present and may be kind of a block on her progress in finding a partner.

  4. Ah, the horror of being alone; or, as I like to call it, peace and quiet.

    Hey, give the girl a break, you guys! She likes to dress nearly all the time at home in see-through lingerie. Is that so wrong? I love Jacque and KB's thoughtful analysis regarding the underlying reasons for her choice in lonely bedroom atire: a possible underlying sense of loss. Yeah, could be. Could be. Boy, what a fox. -- Mykal

  5. KB: I originally started writing up "Too Old, Too Young" but I have so many wonderful stories with that theme it seems it would be better saved for a theme week. I do think it is a great cover,and what a perfect look of worry. I have to agree about the dealing with loss aspect. It does seem very odd to me that we are given no other information about this poor girl and that this rather important piece of information is mentioned so briefly at nearly the end of the story.

  6. Mykal: The whole sexy lingerie at home thing does seem to make her feel better about herself, if only temporarily. I mean, look at all her posing. She looks damn good and she knows it. She just needed to figure out how to bring that confidence with her into the outside world. The answer? Parade around in skimpy clothes during Fleet Week.

  7. Bingo! One case of the blue lonelies a mere memory! Well done, lonely girl! (and a special "well done" to our boys in uniform!) -- Mykal