Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the interest of equal time

Non' But a Brave
Charlton Comics
Illustrated By: Fred Himes (?)
Romantic Story
Number 119

Okay, so last week I posted a story from Charlton's Cowboy Love. I think it was a good example of the bright spots in the art and story telling that came out of the Charlton camp. Well, in the interest of equal time, I thought it might be nice to enjoy a little bit of the very plentiful other extreme. Now it's time for a little Indian Love.

In Non' But a Brave we meet Jan, an apparently very popular Southern California girl taking a bus trip with friends to see the wilds of Yellowstone National Park.

The bus trip is apparently not all she had hoped it would be. And a charming Kenneth notices her change in mood.

In fact, the very angry and apparently very hungry Jan, just wants her space.

Once Jan finishes eating the large meal in hopes of dulling her pain, she decides to head back to the others. But she runs into trouble.

But, with the speed that only two hamburgers and a milkshake can give you, she escapes the bear unharmed.

But to her dismay, in the process she becomse terribly lost. After wandering for hours she seems to just be moving further and further from the camp. Then, just as darkness starts to fall, she runs into a man with a bow, headband and vest and jumps to the conclusion anybody visiting Yellowstone National Park in 1972 would jump to.


Despite her limited "Indian" and the fact that she seems to fight all his efforts, the Native American gets her meaning and manages to get her back to camp before she is eaten by wolves or something.

Once they arrive back at camp, the language barrier again seems to get in the way.

But can romance really bloom between two people from two different worlds that don't even speak the same language?

Oh, that' s right. This is 1972!


  1. SpecterGirl: I thought the art was OK, although that was one terrible kiss when Jim said thank you, Indian style.

    I love when Jan says "You can't blame me for thinking you're a hostile Indian." Of course not. There were reports of the hostiles causing trouble all that summer.

    But then, seeing it from her side, perhaps Jim's "hobby" of archery has been taken to a bit of an extreme, what with him dressing up in headband, Indian vest, and moccasins. Maybe Jan was just being polite. Maybe what she really meant was "You can't blame me for thinking you're crazy."

    A Shirley Jones poster inside! Yep. Smack dab seventies. She was the only woman over thirty that ever pulled of a mini. – Mykal

  2. Spectergirl: I hope not too many of these were sold on the reservations! Definitely wouldn't be PC nowadays but in terms of diversity awareness the early 70s folks were still getting the hang of things. Very interesting.

  3. Mykal: Yes, that was a terrible kiss. I have thought about following Sequential Crush's lead and posting a Who Draws the Worse Kiss. I have some wonderful canidates.

    Now, I'll admit I don't remember too much about 70's fashion, but I do have a lovely Shirley Jones Pin Up were she to is sporting a brown vest and a nice wooden bow in my garage. Being an archery fan myself, I have to assume his fashion choice is Partridge Family related.

    KB: I suspect the only reservation in this comic were the ones Jan made at the Wilderness Lodge.

  4. I think the telling part that a guy wrote this is the fact that Jan wanted a couple of burgers. Perhaps a lady writer would have been more demure?

  5. Jacque: I wanted to let you know I scored a "Lady Cop". So awesome. Thanks for letting me know that one existed.

  6. Ohhh, yes! Lady Cop is a must have in any young woman's collections!!! So sad that it was only one issue!