Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who the HELL is Chad Everett?

I had the chance to do a little comic hunting this weekend and had a little better luck then usual. I was able to snag myself a DC "Falling In Love", several Charlton titles including "For Lovers Only" and "Hollywood Romances". I was even able to snatch up a little bit a 70's horror and a even a 1986 "Elvira's House of Mystery". (Oh yeah, I can feel the jealously.)

Well, while flipping though my new "Falling In Love" number 140 I came across an ad for a photo book. An ad for a photo book about a man I have never heard of.

So I would like to pose the question ... Who the Hell is Chad Everett? I mean really, I looked at like a thousand pictures of him on Google images, with and without a shirt and I do not know who this dude is. It is just hard to believe that a man that I do not even slightly recognize in 2010 warranted a photo book boasting "Many of the pictures have captions written by Chad ..." in 1973.

If you actually own this book you will, if only temporarily, be the coolest person I know. And EVERYONE wants to be the coolest person I know.


  1. He was an semi-famous actor, most noted for starring in a 70's tv show called Medical Center.

  2. Dexter: I've never hear of Medical Center but I'd have to assume it must have been something like Emergency. (I had a red plastic Fire Station 51 helmet when I was little!)

    Everybody kept telling me they thought he was killed during the making of Twilight Zone the movie but I knew that wasn't true.


    Now if I could only find someone who owns the book!

  3. I grew up in the late 70's and 80's I remember Chad Everett. He also played the guy in Airplane II that Elaine is engaged to before she gets back together with Ted Stryker. Just another pretty boy without a lot of acting chops.

    I too had the red plastic Emergency 51 helmet -still have it in fact. But unfortunately not this photo album book. Good luck in your search

  4. Scott: Fantastic! You actually still have your helmet. That's awesome!

    No luck finding this book so far. But I won't give up! I even check this morning. I could actually get an original script from Medical Center, but this gem.