Saturday, April 24, 2010

I only read comic books for the stories.

Yeah, that is what EVERYONE says but Charlton Comics knew better. Or maybe just knew you better than you knew yourself. Either way, apparently there was nothing like a "sexy" pin-up to sell books.

And nothing said sex-appeal like the Patridge Family. I mean the entire family and that weird manager guy and the dog.

First, a little something for the ladies.

Secondly, a little something for Mykal Banta.

Mykal, the overbite is kinda cute.

Maybe you wanted to be a Partridge Family sandwich?

"Laughingly yours"? Even Charlton knew no one found Danny Bonaduce appealing.

I don't even remember this kid.

Like some kind of Warhol triptic.

I'm really not sure who this was for. Maybe my grandma.

And, because sometimes it's hard to decide who's the hottest. And you might also be wanting to conserve wall space for those Chico and the Man posters.


  1. Nice! Were those all in one issue, or spread out over a few?

  2. Jacque: All 13 were from different comics. I have several others but they were complete duplicates (not even color variations) so I didn't include them. I also have a cover boasting another Danny Donaduce pin-up but a previous owner already swiped it. I can't imagine why.

  3. Oh. My. God. How did you know I had it bad for Susan Dey? Lord, that perfectly straight hair and the, yes, overbite. And you could tell she was really very smart. She was one of those foxes that really didn't know how drop-dead sexy she was, which naturally drove me nuts. Man, I can still feel the memory of those hormones bouncing around. Did I mention the overbite? Damn, I used to fantasize about finding that bus with the flowers broken down by the side of the road, and everyone else had gone for help but Susan. Just us two. In the bus. "Call me Suzie" she would say. . . . . .

    Hey, before you knock Shirley Jones, did you ever see her in a mini skirt? And she had such perfect posture, always so calm and in control, so good at giving orders. Oh, yes . . . .

    Where was I? I want my some tea. – Mykal

  4. Mykal: Ha! Of course I knew you had it bad for Susan Dey! And I would never speak ill of Shirley Jones, I was only cutting on Dave Madden but if you would like to voice all your Dave Madden fantasies,of which I am sure there are many, please feel free.

  5. Crap, I got the subtitles mixed up. But back to Susan Dey - Even in high-wasted, giant-pocket pants and what looks like a men's thermal underware top, I still claim her for my own.

  6. The way Charlton cranked out titles, I'm a little surprised David Cassidy never got his own book.

  7. Rob! Ah but there WAS! The first issue was released in February of 1972 and it ran 14 issues.

    The Covers? All David Cassidy'tastic!

  8. Never had the chance to watch its reruns but I remember a preview where David Cassidy's character is doing a cover of Neil Sedaka's Breaking up is hard to do.

  9. Those David Cassidy covers are hilarious--he was starting to look just a little seedy by those final one or two issues.

    So, did Charlton ever do a Ruben Kincaid comic??