Monday, April 5, 2010

Ask Spectergirl!

Once again I am back to bestow upon you the wisdom that I alone possess. No, no, say nothing. Your undying gratitude is enough.

(originally answered incorrectly in Charlton Comics' Love Diary #87)

Dear Lonesome Anne,

Try not to picture this but your father got his freak on during the war. Don't be too surprised if one day there is a knock at the door and you discover that you have an older brother from Korea.

Until then abstain from dating Asians, or as you call them, "'Orientals" to avoid a potentially awkward situation.



  1. Better yet, Lonesome, just become a Lesbian. As near as I can see, it's a win-win proposition.

    I love Charlton's, "Harold Gluck", equating dating service men (that is, having sex with service men) with a girl who is a poor swimmer paddling around in a rip tide full of sharks. Hey, Hal, how about a bit more respect for our men in uniform?

    As always, SpecterGirl, your advice should be followed to the letter. -- Mykal

  2. Mykal: I'm thinking Harold Gluck's own daughters are locked in some kind of underground bunker.

    And yes you are right, Lonesome should really just stick to other girls. No offence but none of you men are agreeable enough to not make all us women want to run outside and kiss the first female we come across on atleast a weekly basis.

  3. Spectergirl: Who, in good conscious, could argue the point? -- Mykal