Friday, October 7, 2011

First Impressions - Comics I just had to buy.

With my husband working nights again I decided to do a quick search through my ever growing romance comic collection for something to post and quite frankly I just couldn't decide. There were just way too many covers that sold me on the book before I even opened its pages.

First impressions are everything. And that is doubly true for romance.

It. Is. Everything. I can not stress that enough.

I remember once meeting the mother of a man I was dating only to have her eyes rake me from tights to t-shirt and say "So, how old is she?" A question she didn't even both to direct to me. Perhaps I should have upgraded my jean cut offs for a skirt or something because she, obviously, was not impressed. And I'm awesome!

My husband once threw-up on a first date. Yep, and he wasn't even drunk! Did he get a second date? I don't remember for sure, but I am guessing no.

Then of course, coming at it from the other side, I once had a guy try to pick me up at a club who had, no more than three weeks early, tried for 20 minutes to grope me in a mosh pit and was saved only by the fact that eventually some gigantic would-be-viking man decided that I fell under his protection. Was I not supposed to remember that? Well I did. Woman remember EVERYTHING.

Good or bad, you only have one shot at a first impressions. Just like in life, a comic also has only moments to sell you on it value. In my opinion, the following did their job. And did it well.

(Time For Love #20, 1972. Cover artist unknown)

I'm not sure what the misunderstanding is but if it involves cage dancing, I'm in!

(Just Married # 86, 1972. Cover artist unknown)

I like how her husband's thrown out arm, with its pushed up sleeve, imply that the guy must shoot up with heroine or something. I'll let you in on a little secret ... it's LSD.

(Sweethearts # 123, 1972. Cover artist unknown)

We all know how much woman hate a man who has an island! This cover makes me what to buy it AND feed that woman a sandwich.

(Young Love # 119, Dec./Jan 1975, 76'. Cover artist Art Saaf?)

I hope when one of my sons goes to prison (because there's no doubt really) that they have a good woman to love them.

(Secret Romance # 29, 1974. Cover artist Art Cappello)

I'm just plain drawn to the gentleman with graying hair who seems to be having a rather elaborate internal dialog about that couple making out in public. What does he know that we don't?

(Secret Romance # 23, Dec./Jan 1973. Cover artist Art Cappello)

I think the blind, even the temporarily blind, should be more often represented in comics.

(Time For Love # 23, 1971. Cover artist by Art Cappello)

Like a dream come true. Another blind guy. Apparently women with low self-esteem love to score with the visually impaired.

(Romantic Story # 126, 1973. Cover artist by Art Cappello)

If he can't be blind, he can at least be dead. She seems more upset that she already paid for the honeymoon than she does that her man is dead. Just to prove that I'm right, I'll let you know she hooks up before the end of the trip.

Now, aren't you just dying for me to post these stories? I thought so.


  1. Spectergirl: You gotta feel for the poor near-bride on that last cover: Months of planning and a security deposit all gone to waste because of that dead pig. Thank you for letting us know that she found a man not given to dying. Hopefully, she made the score in time to use the honeymoon cottage.

    And that first cover has the essentials: a woman in a body leotard behind bars. What really more is needed?

    Sorry to hear about your boys' fate. Shall we call you Ma Barker?

    Loved this post. I can't wait to see the stories. My vote is to do the story from the last cover first.

  2. Mykal: Oddly, I never thought to ask which story readers would want me to post. I should totally do that. Damn, I gave SO much away! Maybe I'll put up a poll anyway.

    If pushed to vote for only one, I think I might have gone for the second to last cover where the temporarily blind guy is trying to identify the mystery woman by her scent.

    And for some reason I like the fact that the first story is called Forget me Darling and the last story is called I'll Never Forget, Darling.

    I like to think Aaron got over his worst first date (I sum there wasn't one worse than that!) but so you don't think me cruel, I actually asked his permission before using it as a terrible first impression example. I'm so kind.

  3. Actually, I think the throw-up story was one of the things that endeared him to me.

  4. I love the Just Married cover, especially the bottom image. It doesn't look so much like the new husband is a drug addict as he is actually Paul Lynde, and therefore is horrified upon learning what a hetero wedding night actually entails.

    On another subject, I really think you and Aaron need to start a "True-Life Adventures in Dating" blog. You've mentioned more interesting stories just in this post than I've had in my life.

  5. rob!: Ha! What a frightening idea. Because you know he wouldn't be the nice Paul Lynde from tv but the chain smoking, hard drinking you call those tits bitter a--hole Paul Lynde.

    Yeah, a "True-Life Adventures in Dating" blog would just be WAY too scary. I already have a tendency to say a little too much, I just can't even image how bad it get when that would be the whole point. Perhaps one of by kids will start of "Dating Advice From My Mother" blog. That would rule!

  6. I have always loved that Young Love #119 cover. It seems to be a little bit of a misfit amongst the other 1975/1976 issues. The interior story was penciled by Saaf, but the cover is by someone else... just not sure who!

  7. Jacque: DC really did seem to have the sharpest covers. This one is great but I couldn't find anything on the artist.

    I love her little white gloves.