Monday, October 31, 2011

Are you afraid to grow up?

I'm the first to admit that I have never been good with growing up.

On my 23rd birthday I cried because I thought that 22 was the best age you could ever be and now it was behind me. And it could only be down hill from there, right?

I'm glad to announce that I was wrong.

When I was 29 my husband and I bought a house. A few days before signing the loan papers I was in full panic mode. Thoughts of living in a houseboat or moving from youth hostel to youth hostel flashed through my head. Anything but being tied to a specific piece of land FOREVER.

On this one I was a little bit right.

But oddly nothing has ever made me feel more grown up than giving up my Jeep for a family car when my 2nd son was on his way. Not the house, not turning thirty, not even when Saturday morning cartoons changes from a bunch of adults hanging out in our loft eating trashy cereal and watching Superfriends on DVD to hanging out in bed in a pile of children while eating muffins and watching the Brave and The Bold on DVR. (At least I drive Aaron's Jeep most mornings. But mine was a bright yellow that looked great with my hair, so it still isn't the same.)

How about you? Are you afraid of growing up? Perhaps you're not sure and are in dire need of a scientific test to give you the answer. No need to fear! Cosmo isn't the only publication with the insightful self-tests you so desperately need in order to function within your own very complex life or to answer such taxing questions. No longer do you have only one resource for the answer to questions such as Is Your Boyfriend Jealous of Your Friends? or Are You Ready For A Thong Wardrobe Maker? - nope, not with DC Comics' Heart Throbs.

It's time to find out: Are you afraid to grow up?

Heart Throbs No. # 144 - August 1972, DC Comics

Being the dedicated blogger that I am, I have not only taken the test, but I'm willing share this rare glimpse into my psyche.

I scored a 52 so I've come along way! How did you score? I've shared mine. Now you must share yours.


  1. I can't get the second page of this test to open large.

  2. Mykal: Thanks! I uploaded them again and they appear to be working.

  3. OK, I'm done. It would seem I'm not so much afraid of growing up as I am disappointed at having grown up at all! I scored a 49 - it doesn't surprise me in the least that you are more mature than me. I'm startled I scored as high as I did, frankly. I'll send you my results as .jpgs

  4. Thanks Mykal! I enjoyed your test immensely.

    I'm afraid I don't have much confidence in the accuracy of this test. There are just not nearly enough answer choices. I'm mean, when my parents act "foolishly" it most assuredly will have an impact on my bank account, if it didn't, I couldn't care less how they behaved. That answer was not reflected in my choices. A man who is perfect for me is riddled with flaws, thus making me look oh so much better. Again, not really an answer.

    Frankly I'm shocked at how high I scored. It has only been in the last year that I quit crying at grocery stores, from the sheer misery of having to shop for food. (Which Aaron says is more about being neurotic than my maturity.)

    But still, I choose to take great pride in scoring oh-so-much high then you!

  5. SpecterGirl: You scored so well, I think, because you're an active mother. Children have a tendency to mature a person right the fuck up. Some applies to Aaron, I bet (even though he's "riddled with flaws") - ain't we all, brother? (that last part was for Aaron).

  6. The score analysis should have come with recommendations as to what comics you SHOULD be reading, based on the score: "You don't seem very mature. Why don't you try some of Charlton's funny animal titles?"

  7. Rob!: I must be pretty mature than. My 6 year old has been making me read him Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! and it makes me want to kill myself.