Friday, July 16, 2010

Terrible Week - With an apology to Jonnie Love

Sometimes weeks come along that are so utterly without joy that you can barely stand the idea of the many weeks that loom out from the future and its wicked abyss.

This has been one of those very weeks.

Sorry Jonnie Love for missing Hump Day but I will try and make it up to you and your newly acquired Lucite helmet.


  1. Spectergirl: Jonnie Love will be fine - he's a survivor. You are, too. Better days coming.

  2. "Hump Day" has taken on such a dark cast now.

    Be well, Spectergirl!

  3. Yeah, sorry about my ultra-pout. Extremely rough week, almost God's wrath kind of rough. And unlike Aaron, I had to face it without enough mood altering prescription drugs to take down a rhino.