Sunday, July 18, 2010

Masquerade Marriage - More Matt Baker Art!

"Masquerade Marriage"
St. John
Teen-Age Temptations
Cover art by Matt Baker
Story art by Matt Baker
Number 8

If I ever had myself a daughter I would be sure to make her read this this story. Since I have sons, I will hide it in fear that they might get some ideas.

Once again we are blessed with the incredible talent of Matt Baker. American Art Archive states he was an artist that specialized in Good Girl Art. I believe that Good Girl is not the description one would, at first glance, use for many of the St. John stories he lent his talent to but my Great Grandmother always said that "Good girls are the ones who get caught" and I think after a closer look at these stories, Good Girl is a fine description.

In Masquerade Marriage we meet two high school girl who think themselves more worldly then they are and who learn a tough lesson in a rather shocking, even by today's standards, way. I believe perhaps Pat and Jetta are more Good Girl than they might first appear.

Matt Baker's art is, as always, gorgeous. With wonderful story telling, great texture and, born of a true understanding of anatomy and the female form, extremely sexy women.

I hope you enjoy Masquerade Marriage. And please make sure to check out KB's Out of this World entry on Matt Baker from December 2009. Just click here!


  1. Lord. Sure, pre-code horror is known for dealing shocks - but pre-code romance? Wow! from the frank brutality of the cover, to our young teenager urgent insistance on a "quickie," I must say I am shocked!

    Damn, that Matt Baker had it all going on.

  2. Mykal: I can't think of a better description than shocking on this story. You knew it was coming but STILL! For the future I think a good rule of thumb, for both men and women, is never trust anyone who uses the phase nice and legal like.

    I am more and more impressed with Matt Baker every time I stumble across his work. It makes me shake my head at the plethora of modern comic illustrators that feel over sized breast and no clothes make something sexy. I mean, Damn, even I think that redhead had a great ass!

  3. It took Alan Moore's Lost Girls for comics to reach such heights of sensuality again.

  4. Rob!: I have actually never read Lost Girls. Though I have, of course, heard a good deal about it. Seems a bit like if Gregory Maguire was more of a pervert. Sounds right up my alley!