Monday, July 19, 2010

Ask Spectergirl!

I will admit that it has been a while since a poor soul out there in need of advice has awaken my more benevolent side. But thanks to the talented Rob Kelly, blogger extraordinaire and all around great guy, I have found just that.

It takes a real man to own himself some Teen Love Stories. It takes an even better man to give them to me! Thanks Rob! You are truly the bee's knees.

Now we best hurry, it's been 43 years and we might be too late!

(originally answered incorrectly in Teen Love Stores Magazine# 1, 1967)

Miss C,

I don't know what the hell the Order for the Rainbow for Girls is, but it is most assuredly one of two things.

It it either A - a cult. In which case don't bother to do your nail, you'll be planting rhubarb in some communal garden before the end of the week. Or B - some kind of lesbian experimentation club, in which case, definitely do your nails, buy really expensive panties and take careful notes. That kind of thing is New York Times Best Seller GOLD! And if you're looking THAT good you'll be the main character in everyone elses book too!


  1. Glad to be of service! I am quote comfortable in my masculinity; hence the purchase of TLS #s 1-3 with my head held high.

    As to the question: not that you're not busy enough, but Order For The Rainbow of Girls sounds like the title of a Spectergirl blog if I've ever heard one!

  2. Never heard of that organization... hmmm, now I am intrigued! I was a Girl Scout, and my sisters were in this thing called Indian Princesses in the late '70s/early '80s. Was our hostess Spectergirl in any of those?

  3. Rob!: I feel such a purchase speaks volumes about just how manly you are. Terribly so!

    And yes, Order of the Rainbow for Girls does have a fabulous ring to it! If I don't have time for another blog I think I at least need some sort of side bar graphic!

    Jacque: Something about Indian Princesses does scream seventies. But alas I was not part of either. Though my brothers Boy Scout troop did hang out at my house on occasion!

  4. UPDATE!: Form Miss America and fake Catwoman, Lee Merriwether, WAS a Rainbow Girl! And it looks like Ask Spectergirl has f---ed with the Free Mason! You may all want to consider deleting your comments, just to be safe.

  5. I urge everyone that has ridiculed the mighty - all-glorious, all powerful Order of the Rainbow Girls to delete comments and pretend this never happened. They hear everything. They see everything. They know what is in your heart. Above all else - their memory is long and their reach far.

    I risk much by this missive. Please, for God sakes, pretend you never heard of the Order.

    Order be praised! Order be praised! Order be praised!

  6. Mykal: Damn! Looks like they have already gotten to you.

    We are all most assuredly screwed! (And not in sexy way their name implies!)