Friday, April 20, 2012

Want to feel like less of a man?

Secret Romance
Charlton Comics
Cover Art by Frank Bolle
Story Art by Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia

Number 43

I know what you gentlemen are thinking ... Hey! I'm as much of a man as the next guy!

Sorry boys but compared to Clete Andrews you just started your period.

Time and time again Charlton Comics has shown us that they know women. In Reckless, this time around they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they know real men. And how!

Adrenaline junkie and child of privilege Clete Andrews is very likely the sexiest man to grace the pages of Secret Romance. He is certainly the hottest man to ever vacation at a luxury hotel in the Caribbean. And no doubt Anne Moultrie thanks God he was there because without him, she would have unquestionably been just another victim of...


With Clete on the scene, Anne is able to make her escape, thus leaving Clete Andrews to do what real men to best.

Especially since Clete no doubt tea-bagged him.

At dinner that night, looking oh-so-fine in a dinner jacket, Clete tells Anne about his life of manly excitement. 

 On occasion I also donate blood and testosterone to the Red Cross.

But Anne finds his dangerous lifestyle worrisome.

Sorry, I just can't see this black hair god going for little Miss Ash-blonde over there. But it could just be jealous talking.

But Anne's attraction of Clete has her over stepping the bounds of someone he has know for less then a week.

And Clete gets pissed.

Looks like someone isn't getting felt up on the hotel couch tonight.

Despite Clete's anger, or maybe because of it, Anne can't stay away. And, on a whim, finds Clete in the hotel's casino on one hell of a roll. And ready to take one more roll of the dices.

And because there is just something about a man who has no qualms about bumming money off his parents...

But that night Anne's dreams tell her the truth.

Like the ferocious shark that brought them together,Clete Andrews was not a man easily caged.

A fact proved the next morning when he skips town.

All too soon Ann's vacation comes to an end and she returns home, thinking to never see Clete Andrews again. Until ...

Clete Andrews. Isn't that the name of ... the guy who was kicked out of the hotel hot tub with you?

Of course, Anne is unable to turn away.

And, if only to cinch his total hotness ...

Wow! I think I might even have a crush on him. The Adventure People looking jumpsuit and helmet are no doubt helping. 

With this news that Clete is in the hospital, Anne feels she must see him.

And, not deterred in any way by the fact that Clete all but dumped her at the hotel when he check out leaving only a note behind, Anne buys a plane ticket and heads out immediately to see him.


And discovers that sometimes if you want to cage something wild you have to break a few bones.


How's that uterus working out for you boys?


  1. As I am not manly enough to talk about the story, I will just comment on the cover: it looks like the woman is reminiscing about the kiss she and her squeeze had, just a few moments ago, back there. "Wow, wasn't that great, that thing that happened a minute or two ago, a few feet from where we're standing..."

    rob! aka Betty

    1. rob! I can totally see that! Taking a closer look there is also something about that crocked smile and the way she is looking out at the reader that makes me think she is reminiscing about the kiss she just had with the readers boyfriend.

  2. "Sometimes I accept movie stunt assignments. I team up with a friend of mine driving racing cars. Once in a while I write an article for men's magazines. I get by."

    What, no part time cliff diving in Acapulco? Fuck yourself, Clete.

    Spectregirl, you may want to turn off the "Lightbox" option (settings - posts and comments). It would make your blog easier to read since your text is the best part of the post.

    Back to Clete. I love how at the end of the story Anne believes Clete's expressions of regret and implied future happiness and marriage. Blondie! Wake up! His arms are broken, he's confined to a bed in the burn ward, and he's sky high on pain killers! Of course he loves you now. Shit, he'd love the 65 year old cleaning lady if she walked through the door right now.


    1. See, that is the best thing about being Clete Andrews. He doesn't have to fuck himself because there is a whole line of women waiting for their turn to service him.

      I think the best part of the story for me was the lines Once in a while I write an article for men's magazines. and the I've had enough preaching to last me a lifetime, lady!. Those lines brought me to tears!

      You know, I had never even thought to try and disable that thing. I have chosen to just curse about it under my breath. It is now fixed. I have to admit how clever it was of you to soften your lightbox complaint with the subtle use of flattery. It took away that god awful sting.

    2. "See, that is the best thing about being Clete Andrews. He doesn't have the fuck himself because there is a whole line of women waiting for their turn to service him."

      ooooh, burn!