Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Date this Valentine's Day? Yeah, me neither.

"Not Born for Love"
Teen Confessions
Charlton Comics
Story Art by Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia
Number 86

Today's post is for those who are also alone this Valentine's Day. I feel your pain. With my husband working a late shift I will be spending my Valentine's Day alone. (Well, technically with a baby, a toddler and a six year old.) But this lonesome Valentine's day is certainly not the first. Yep, even the amazing Spectergirl has spent her fair share of Valentine's Days without a special someone by her side.

I know, I know. It is nearly impossible to imagine but I speak the truth! There was once a times when I was not the master of relationships and dating that I am now and, though few and far between (I assure you!), times where my affections were not necessarily reciprocated.

In fact, at 17 I was completely smitten with a friend who was a 6' 4" blonde, Mensa member on my high school swim team (every thing's better when wet!) who was head over heals for one of my closest friend. (How could he?!)

This girl, who must have been completely blind, would never even give him the time of day. And she spent more than a year ignoring him as I kept my own fondness a secret.

Finally, two weeks before Valentine's he asked me out. I was so thrown off, after so many months of worshiping from afar, that I said "no". (WTF?!!) How smooth was I?

Of course, he never asked me again and I don't blame him. And that, I'm sure, was for the best since a man obsessed with a poetry writing, no make-up wearing, all-natural hemp girl could never turn around and truly be interested in a dyed hair, black lipstick wearing girl who shunned all things natural.

Besides, I'm sure he would have spent the entire time talking about my friend anyway.

Now, to the lonesome girl story at hand. In Not Born for Love we meet the lonely, boyfriendless Juliet Woods. Too tall, too skinny and a little too smart, Juliet can not seem to catch a man. (I hear ya sister!)

Hate to break it to you Juliet, but Susanne may be the dumbest girl in the freshman class but I think they are more interested in how well she is filling out that shirt.

Awkward is code for she looks fat. That sleeveless sweater and belt are not helping.

I'm not sure which makes me cringe the most the you needed to, Lydia or the I've been eating like a pig.

Mrs. Gannon seems really intense while watching them kiss in that last panel. It is really creeping me out.

A turtle neck AND a sweater vest. Very few men can pull that look off.

See, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - there is no problem a little exercise and a man to practice kissing with can't solve.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. (every thing's better when wet!)

    Man, that is so true.

    Re: the comic--I have to say the drama of the cover is undercut by the "Puzzles and Games" blurb. NO DICTIONARY NEEDED!

  2. rob!: I just realized that I have always just assumed Darlin' Tracy was female. (You do illustrate a sweet pencil skirt.) Perhaps you relate to my moist Atlantean obsession more than I realized.

    I find the poorly illustrated heads (and that chic's blow-up doll mouth) in the hearts under the Charlton bullet even more distracting.

  3. Darlin Tracy is female. I was just agreeing about the whole "wet" thing...um, nevermind. :)