Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Proof that 'Teen Love Stories' was written and edited by a bunch of old men.

( Teen Love Stores Magazine# 2, 1967)

If it is 1967 and you have trouble telling the Beatles apart you probably shouldn't be working on a love stories magazine for girls.

Also, put out that cigar, smoking will eventually be found to cause cancer.


  1. I'm even more surprised to learn that Terence Stamp was a heart-throb. I've never seen him as anything but creepy!

  2. Also has to be the worst ever picture of McCartney from that era.

  3. "*sigh* 'Mrs. Terence Stamp'. I guess I like the sound of that.."

  4. Also, that's about the creepiest photo of Davy Jones ever! (And no, he didn't use an "e" in his first name!)

  5. Hi All!

    Firstly, Pat, I agree that that IS the worst picture of McCartney out there. I realize it is only a pic from the neck up, but I just feel like he is shirtless. And not shirtless a good way, but in a guy driving down the road in a rusted out Pinto kind of way. Maybe the old guys piecing this publication together were a little jealous the his popularity with the young girls and were trying to be unflattering.

    Steve, once again, I think the publishers are trying to make themselves look more appealing in comparison. That images look like Terence Stamp is telling you under his breath that he has brutally slain your dog because YOU didn't return his phone call, and he hopes you won't make him do something like that again.


    7, that image makes Davy Jones look like a Hobbit. A very unappealing Hobbit.

    Thanks all for stopping by!