Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hump Day + One

"Where the Action Is"
Charlton Comics
Teen-Age Love
Story art by Frank Bolle
Number 91

As I am sure you have noticed, I am late.

I'm also sure that this isn't the first time Jonnie Love has heard a woman say that!

So today we will celebrate Hump Day Plus One. And what better way to celebrate than with Where the Action Is. A story, that true to its title, starts with all the action any Jonnie Love fan could ever desire.

This time we meet up with Jonnie on the beach. WHAT?! Yes, and our hero has upgraded from clear plastic to a super hip white helmet.

When Jonnie sees a shapely blonde being pawed against her will, he overcomes his aversion to confrontation and asks the beach Casanova to back off.

As expected, the fists starting flying.

Soon the blonde becomes concerned that Jonnie may get hurt. We, of course, know Jonnie better than that.

Nice move Jonnie Love!

After blinding Ozzie, perhaps for life, Jonnie gains enough time to grabs the blonde and run.

And while Ozzie and his thugs swear vengeance on Jonnie Love, Jonnie starts feigning interest in his bike mate only to quickly learns that all his dreams have come true.

One chaperon isn't enough to deter Jonnie Love.

We thought you'd never ask!

After listening to Gina and her friends whine for what seems like an eternity, Jonnie meets the chaperon.

Mrs. Shaw seems tense Jonnie. Any ideas?

Jonnie tells Gina that he will stay round as a deterrent to boy of a more appropriate age.

Gina is VERY appreciative.

Of course it isn't long before more trouble shows up.

And Jonnie Love is forced to tattle.

You are the MAN Jonne Love!

But while he waits for the authorities to come, Jonnie Love is forced to take matters in his own hands. But don't worry, Jonnie Love is truly in his element.

Once the police arrive, Jonnie lets the boys in blue take over.

And the girls give Jonnie a hero's welcome.

When Jonnie finally departs from the girls, Ozzie and his pals make one last attempt to teach Jonnie a lesson. But Jonnie Love's skill at escape can't help but impress.

Be kind and remember to L♥ve one another.


  1. I can't say what it means in more Nordic areas of this great country, but here in the tropical climate of south Florida, "Let me rub on some sun tan lotion, Jonnie!" means but one thing: Your application has been accepted and you can start work immediately. Way to go, Love man! Nice to see the bearded one back in form after the last installment where Jonnie helped the fuzz bust up a party.

  2. Johnny wears those same blue-and-orange outfit to the beach, too? This is becoming dangerously close to a superhero-esque uniform.

    Mind you, I AM NOT dissing Johnnie Love. He's gotten more action in one code-approved comic than I got in my whole life.

  3. Mykal: This is definitely more like the Jonnie Love we know. Of course I had really hoped that Jonnie would grow as a person as time has gone on. Maybe get a job, settle down, or, at the very least, find religious. Instead Jonnie never really changes, just keeps getting older while the chicks stay the same age.

    Rob!: If Jonnie Love has gotten more action than you, it is your own fault. But remember, it is never too late. Just spend less time running and more time hanging out with high school girl!