Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello there. Did I mention I'm in politics?

"Wife of the Party!"
Marvel Comics
Our Love Story
Number 28
Story by Gary Friedrich

Art by Sal Buscema

Listen up! I'm going to tell you a little secret - I am obsessed with politics! You heard me, obsessed. I listen to NPR constantly and wholes days go by at the office where my television never turns from one of those 24 hour news channels. (Channels whose 24 hour format I know does more damage then good.)

Yet I still try to live by the rules of never talking about religion or politics with any one outside my own family.

But Stan Lee has always lived life by breaking all the rules. Rules like Give Credit Where Credit is Due and Don't Buy into Your Own Hype.

So, as a tribute to Stan Lee and also because I am totally stoked about getting to spend a few days in DC next week on work's dime, today I too will break the rules!

Wife of the Party! is a glimpse into the life of a politician. And the lives of the short skirt wearing volunteers trying to bed them.

But who could blame Sandy Grabowski? That Joe Thompson is quite the catch!

If there is ever a nuclear threat secret service will whisk President Obama off to some undisclosed location. Not for protection from radiation, NO, but to protect him from the line of woman volunteering to help him rebuild the human race.

So, next time your wife or girlfriend want to put a political sign in the yard, don't take your eyes off of her for a second.


  1. I don't understand that second to last panel... so was it real or what it just a scheme to get him elected? Seems like a trick to me!

  2. Spectergirl: I have the opposite rule: I never talk politics or religion to anyone in my family. My brother dates a Jehovah Witness, my father's an atheist, and my mother hates anyone that disagrees with my father. It gets ugly in a New York minute. Hey, I'm glad you asked, but enough about me!

    Henry Kissinger said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, and that is something Joe seems to know all too well (as has every American President since Grant with the possible exception of Richard Nixon, who saw sex as a troublesome distraction to his slavering, naked, howling lust for power).

    Why don't girls - all girls young and old - wear skirts like that any more? And the boots, too.

  3. If only Washington, DC was this interesting. Regular evil is so much more banal.

    That Romita cover is sweet!

  4. Jacque: When you catch a politician you don't ask why, you just thank your lucky stars.

    Mykal: Last election someone busted up our garage door and stole our yard sign! And when I see certain bumper stickers I do have a nearly uncontrollable desire to plow my car into theirs, if only to remove some people from the gene pool. But my entire family are all extremely similar in political views, (I'm sure you can guess?) from great grandparents downward, both sides, less one uncle, so politics is pretty safe.

    With religion there's less agreement but still, no one is going to shoot you. (Though my grandmother has carried a gun in her purse since I was about 6.)

    Sadly, fashion rules say "No Short Skirts after 35" but I think if you can pull them off, go for it. And YES the boots do rock!

    Rob!: I know! *sign* So I plan to spend all my time at the Smithsonian and just make up stories about witnessing a lover's quarrel between Pelosi and McCain.

  5. *When you catch a politician you don't ask why, you just thank your lucky stars.*

    Man, you are good! That is why I have bestowed upon you a Kreativ Blogger Award!

    By the way -- when you are in DC you must, must, must go to the Museum of Crime and Punishment. Don't be tempted by the Spy Museum. The Smithsonian's Postal Museum is also great fun, and if you go to Air and Space tell 'em little intern Jacque sent ya!

  6. Jacque: Wow! Thanks, you rock! A long time back I was present one for my WRFH blog but didn't know what it was or what I was supposed to do with it. So I get to give it to 7 blogs now?

    Sadly I don't think the lesser known facts about me will be nearly as amusing as yours. BTW great Bill Paxton pic on Facebook! Awesome!

    Crime and Punishment museum you say? I'll add it to the list! But I swear it is not even my map. HA! I found the website. It has a very "House of Wax" feel going on - Fabulous!

    And I can't think of anything cooler than being an intern at the Smithsonian!

  7. The Crime and Punishment museum is so worth it. If you don't like it, I will buy you a McGruff t-shirt! Besides, they film America's Most Wanted in the basement. It will send shivers down your spine! The Smithsonian was totally great, I got to intern there twice and I learned so much. All the museums are breathtaking. Enjoy your trip!!!