Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Torn From the Pages of REAL LIFE!

Love Isn't in the Cards
for Me!

Marvel Comics
As Narrated To: Stan Lee
Illustrated By: John Buscema, J. Romita, Frank Giacoia
Our Love Story

Number 33

Surely there can be no doubt that Stan Lee was a woman in another life. How else is it that he is able to hit so close to what makes us Girls tick?

As proof of the theory, I present you with "Love isn't in the Cards for Me!" The story of a lonely entrepreneur with wicked eyeliner and the smock of the kindergarten teacher.

In the story we meet Kathy Stewart, the owner of a greeting card shop in the Village. Oddly, this particular greeting card shop is not swarming with single, straight men and our girl is missing the one thing that means more to her than anything, a boy to love.

But one fateful day, while Kathy's friends rub her face in their love, she actually stumbles into Jim, the man of her dreams. A man who seems to be hip to the newest trends in greeting cards. Could there be any doubt that this man was made specifically for her?

Our girl is smitten. She not only agrees go out with him, but she also agrees to order Heartbeat Cards for her store. Remember, they're the wildest!

After what looks to be the date that 15 year old kids have, Kathy is in love but much like real life, this isn't happy ever after.

When Heartbeat Cards ships her an incorrect order, Kathy decides to go to their offices in person only to find out that Jim is actually their top sales person. *SOB*

Kathy is heartbroken. She closes her card shop up for days, sitting in the dark of her apartment crying over a man she's known for as long as it takes a greeting card company to fill a first order. But, finally deciding she can't hide from life, she returns to work only to discover that someone has been running her shop in her absence.

She does not have the same response I would.

In a climax that is not at all weird, Jim, the now former head sales person of Heartbeat Cards has somehow broken into her shop and been running it while she was away.

Wow Kathy! He's a keeper.


  1. Stan outdid himself on this one! I love your 'Why As Told To Stan Lee' section and enjoyed your commentary on the story. I was arguing for John Buscema being a great romance artist and his work on this story bears that out. The plot is wild though - Stan must have been in a very innovative mood.

    Okay so when's the next installment?!

  2. This was actually the first Romance comic I ever read, picked up at a Chicago Con. When I started out trying to put this blog together I searched forever trying to find this particular issue. This story just really stuck with me.

    I think the only thing creepier than Jim, unbeknownst to Kathy, running her business while she was away would be if he was also wearing her polka-dot smock when she showed up. Stan really missed the boat on that one.

    Your site is great. You've inspired me to get around to adding my Blog List, with you on it, of course.

    Thanks so much for the comment.

  3. Spectorgirl: I've been waiting for this post and must say "it's about time!" Great start. You cannot beat Buscema (my all time favorite Marvel artist). Your commentary was cool as well. Man, was this Stan the Man's scripting, or what? They oughta put your face on the card! You're too much!" Yep, Stan knows how to slay the chicks. Back then, they called guys like Jim "Hearthrobs." Now, they're "Stalkers."

    Great blog. I'm in. -- Mykal

  4. Mykal: I know, took me long enough. I think Stan really pulled out his A game on this one. But you know, when you have such great "true life" stories to work with, it would have to be hard NOT to be inspired.


  5. Stan pulled something out of his "A" ;)

  6. Comedy zone? What's that? I'm tuning in here for my laughs!