Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ask Spectergirl!

I know you have waited all week for me to grace you with my wisdom. Hoping beyond hope that I had yet to tire of sorting through all the letters that were mistakenly mailed years too soon. Once again I feel it behooves me to give out the advice that should have been given years ago.

(originally answered incorrectly in DC'sYoung Romance # 157)

Dear E.F.,

In my experience there are two kinds of men. Men that like aggressive, short skirt, hooker shoe wearing woman that are more likely to push them into a chair and straddle them than they are to ask to see a profit and loss report.

Then there are the gays.

The gays are more fun. They make for far less drama and are WAY more fun to shop with.

Test the first theory and if that doesn't work, ask how he likes your shoes.


  1. SpectorGirl: I laughed out loud at your brisk analysis regarding the types of men in the world. If only E.F. had had the benefit of your counsel. She would have bought herself a pair of pumps, slipped into a bright, short skirt; and straddled her friendly co-worker in some empty office until the 5:00 whistle. Good stuff! – Mykal

  2. Mykal: And just think about how much quicker their workday would have gone.

    Not every one is as lucky as I am and have a job where you can pass the time watching movies while you work.

    Today's feature? The Haunted Palace with the eternally sexy Vincent Price AND a rubber Cthulhu (or something). Jealous? I thought so!

  3. Oh, and have you noticed my VERY "official" seal of approval? Nice isn't it?

  4. SpecterGirl: Oh My God is that awesome! You have caught the Love Man in a serious attitude! I can just sense the females melting all over the blogosphere!