Friday, September 30, 2011

Put down that milkshake. There's a quicker way!

Whether you're eagerly waiting next years Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition (men love a woman in a bikini) or the Men of the Stacks Calendar (ladies love a man who can read AND has a job) everyone has specific tastes. Well a few days ago I discovered that As Told to Stan Lee stats showed that 65 people found my blog by searching "fattening up girlfriend".

I'm not sure how exactly that brought them here but I am thrilled!

So in celebration of this newly discovered viewing demographic I wanted to share 1964's secret to fattening up your girlfriend.

I know what you are thinking ... What about months of McDonald's and Reeses Pieces?. Well sometimes when you need to fatten up your girlfriend you don't have the luxury of time. And in times like that there is Wate-On! Just ask Exciting New Actress Eva Six!

(Career Girl Romances # 25, 1964 - Charlton Comics)

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  1. Spectergirl: And some people wonder why the 1950s and early 1960s in America was the high point of civilization for any planet in the history of the universe.

    Well, if you doubt me, just ask Eva Six! And consider, the weight that wate-on rolls on your girl isn't just fat - it's "firm flesh." That's right, gentlemen, you heard right: Firm Flesh!

    Spectergirl, numbers don't lie. 65 gents (assuming their gents) stumbled upon your place, looking for something a little chunky in their lives and only by sheer, blind, stupid luck received the benefit of your romantic guidance! And remember, for every 1 that has the courage to speak out about the frustration of a too-skinny girlfriend or wife, there are thousands that suffer quietly.

    Thank you. Thank you for addressing this issue.

  2. ladies love a man who can read AND has a job

    Drat, I'm only batting .500 there. Oh well.

    I CAN cook, which would help with the whole "fattening up" thing.

  3. Mykal: I'm only four months out of pregnancy so I am all for fattening up everyone else! So much easier than taking it off myself, especially with all the drinking. ( I have to cope somehow!)

    What I love best with the "fattening up girlfriend" search is the implication that you would be doing this without her consent. I have a visual of someone holding a woman down and force administering the Wate-On Tonic, which I can only assume is vegetable oil. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. No one wants to have an eye poked out by their woman's hip bone.

    rob!: Only batting .500? That is the reason they have to make that calendar!

    As for cooking, that certainly earns you bonus points. But anyone who runs as much as you do probably cooks a little too healthy to really help fatten up anyone. You may want to consider the Wate-On Condensed Food Tablet. Try crushing it up in you vegetarian chili