Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Jonnie Love Drinking Game

Charlton Comics
Teen-Age Love
Script by Joe Gill
Story art by Tony Tallarico (as Tony Williams)
Number 73

Welcome back to another week of Hump Day with Jonnie Love!

For those of you tuning in late, two weeks ago our hero scored himself a sweet plastic helmet thanks so Hot Nurse and some guy who apparently must have wanted to score with Hot Nurse.

Now that we are all on the same page, it's time to play the Jonnie Love Drinking Game. Everyone knows how a drinking game works, so here are the Jonnie Love specifics.

You must take a drink when:

1. Someone starts talking shit about Jonnie Love.
2. Someone tries to kill / run Jonnie Love off the road.
3. Jonnie Love finds himself a blonde.
4. Jonnie Love eats steak.
5. Jonnie Love plays a song of seduction on his acoustic guitar.
6. Jonnie Love goes into his speech about "going home".
7. Jonnie Love gets some action.
8. Jonnie Love pushes someone into a pool
9. Jonnie Love punches or gets punched.
10. Jonnie Love runs out of gas.
11. Jonnie Love teaches someone about making rash
judgements/poor decisions.
12. Jonnie Love calls in the authorities.

See, simple enough. And if you play it right, you won't be able to stand up!

Looks like someone's talking shit. Time for the 1st drink!

Someone has run him off the road. Time for your 2nd drink!

Is that a blonde I see? Drink 3!

Sure is, might as well have a 4th!

Yes! A steak and a he's got that guitar out! Drink 5 and 6!

Going Home! 7!Now that kiss totally counts! Drink 8!

Looks like another attempt on his life to me! Have yourself your 9th drink.

Looks like these tough guys are talking more shit. ! Have yourself your 10th drink.

Well, he IS at a gas station, so I think that should count. Drink 11! And WOW, is that Jonnie love leaping out like a tiger to kick some ass? Time for Drink 12!

Lesson taught, authorities called. Fantastic! 13 and 14!

Jonnie Love should be pretty much irresistible by now.


  1. Spectergirl: Jesus, I'm too drunk to stand. I really had better pass out for a a bit. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ There, much better.

    "This is bad. If I try to help, we may both be seriously injured. I better get help."

    Now if only more hero’s thought through a problem as logically as Jonnie Love, we'd have a whole lot less, er, people getting saved, and stuff. You've turned into a puss, Jonnie Love. That's right, run and call for your daddy. Wimp. Why, the day was when such a bully would have gotten a first-class ass-to-the-concrete beat down curtsey of Mr. Love, while a prospective conquest stood nearby squealing happily in sadistic glee.

    I do love that Frank Lloyd Wright house on the 5th shown page, though; and I love Tallarico’s easy, breezy way with a panel. Great post!

  2. I'm sorry, I couldn't concentrate on anything you said on this post, focused as I am on whatever the hell is growing on the chin of the guy on the cover.

  3. Mykal: Maybe that fact that Jonnie Love has been trying to make it to his home out West for at least the past 2 years and, apparently, living on nothing but steak and pity sex, he has developed a health disorder that limits his ass kicking abilities.

    What I would like to know is exactly what is BOSS FATS? Sounds like a name of a pimp.

    I agree that the Frank Lloyd Wright house is VERY cool. Something like that would be Aaron's dream home. I'd go for a Queen Anne myself!

    Rob!: Looking at the cover in person is even more bizarre. For some odd reason the cover of this is printed on some kind of heavy, high cotton content paper and it gives the goatee a strange engraved look. Really weird.

  4. You are hilarious! You and Jonnie Love make a great team!