Friday, April 30, 2010

So you want to loosen your man up?

I know that Spectergirl is your go to for all your relationship advice needs, but she's been kind of busy. So sometimes it nice when your answer can be explained in one page.

(Charlton Comics' For Lovers Only #62)

See, he's already taking off the tie. The pants are never very far behind.
I don't think I could have explained it any more clearly than that.


  1. As much as I hate to disagree with your analysis, I believe Steve is nervously straightening his tie, obviously avoiding telling the young lady the truth; i.e. that the outfit makes her look cheap and easy - and that it clearly embarrasses him. Please not that Steve is not able to meet her eye and is staring straight at the appalling outfit. Our young lady knows him for what he is, a stuffy company man, wedded to the job. Notice the cufflinks and stripped shirt. Steve fancies himself an up-and-comer and knows in his heart that this cheap temptress will only hold him back in his climb up the corporate ladder. She is clearly trying to tempt him away from his duties at the office, willing to sacrifice his career to satisfy her needs. What's next? A g-string and nipple tassels?

  2. Oh Mykal you couldn't be more wrong. What you are failing to remember is that ALL woman dressed like that in 1971. And forget about the g-string, that is certainly not a skirt you wear with any underpants.

    And if Steve is fidgeting at all it is because they are having drinks with his mother and he's pretty sure she is wearing the same outfit. And everyone knows that Steve's mother like to be the only Queen at the stripper-parade.

  3. Perhaps you are correct. I yield to the wisdom of our hostess. After all, drinks with a daughter and her hot mom would make any man grin like a fool and fidget with his tie! To this hard drinking threesome, I say bottoms up!

    Again, Spectergirl, your insight is amazing!

  4. Oh no, Mom isn't hot. In fact her c-section scar really seems to stand out in the blacklight of a seedy discotech. But like I said, EVERYONE dressed like that in 1971.

  5. Since the blonde mentioned Steve is a conservative (see panel 2), I think the problem more has to do with the fact that Steve is probably the governor of some southern state, and he doesn't want his wife to find out what he's doing on the side. Maybe this story takes place in Argentina?